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TokenEngineering Academy


The TokenEngineering Academy (TE Academy) offers lectures, workshops, and seminars for anyone interested in this new, emerging field. We invite individuals and project teams to learn, collaborate, and put token engineering into practice.

The new home of TE Academy is now live at

TE Academy Page Join the TE Academy and begin your journey as a Token Engineer! Study, contribute to open-source knowledge & tools, and apply your skills to solve the most exciting challenges in Web3. Sign up for courses, set up your token engineering profile and earn your proof-of-knowledge NFTs!

Token Engineering @BerlinBlockchainWeek 2022 (BBW2022)#

TE Fundamentals

We'll be part of the BerlinBlockchainWeek program with a string of events throughout the week of September 12-18.

What you can expect:

TE Fundamentals Early Access:
πŸ”₯We'll launch the first module of TE Fundamentals on Sept 12. Read more about the first comprehensive education and certification program in token engineering.
πŸ“† Monday, September 12 – 09:00am UTC (11:00am Berlin time) and a second session at
πŸ“† Monday, September 12 – 02:00pm UTC (04:00pm Berlin time)
πŸ“ Full Node, Berlin – Main entrance TR C no ticket required, but seats are very limited, come early to secure your spot!
πŸ“Ί Join online

Engineering Ethics, Introduction & Conversation with Michael Zargham & Students:
Join a special session with Michael Zargham to discuss Engineering Ethics in Web3. This session will be recorded and be part of the TE Fundamentals Module 1 course.
πŸ“† Monday, September 12 – 12:00noon UTC (02:00pm Berlin time)
πŸ“ Full Node, Berlin – Main entrance TR C no ticket required, but seats are very limited, come early to secure your spot!
πŸ“Ί Join online
πŸ” Add your question to the discussion

DAO Intelligence:
Join us for a workshop at Dappcon on Sept 13.
πŸ“† Tuesday, September 13 – 04:15pm Berlin time at Dappcon 2022
πŸ“ Radialsystem, Berlin ticket required, more here

The second session in this series of lectures about designing Voting Mechanisms with Nimrod Talmon!
πŸ“† Wednesday, September 14 – 08:00am UTC (10:00am Berlin time)
πŸ“ Full Node, Berlin – Main entrance TR C no ticket required, but seats are very limited, come early to secure your spot!
πŸ“Ί Join online

Token Engineering Re:Generate:
Discuss regenerative economies with token engineers on Sept 15.
πŸ“† Thursday, September 15 – time tbd
πŸ“ Full Node, Berlin ticket required, see here

➑️ More details: We've prepared an overview with all events Token Engineering @ BBW2022 events, add it to your calendar!#

Token Engineering Fundamentals#

TE Fundamentals

Supported by 1kx, TE Commons, CryptoPlaza, and ConsenSys

TE Academy builds the first comprehensive education & certification program in Token Engineering!
This course will be offered online and is accessible to interested students around the globe. In parallel to the online course, we'll offer online study groups, where students can learn together, meet their peers, and prepare for the examination. Graduates will have the chance to participate in matchmaking activities to meet interesting crypto projects and pick up a token engineering engagement right after the course.

Curriculum Overview:

  • Crypto-economic Systems
  • The Engineering Design Process
  • Introductions to Game Theory, Mathematics, Systems Theory, Simulations and Scientific Computing for Token Engineers
  • Computer-aided, Token-based Governance

Fees: free
Start Date: October 2022
Start Date: Join a study group and get early access from September 12, 2022. We'll launch study groups during the TE events at BerlinBlockchainWeek (see above).
Duration: Learn at your own pace and be ready for examination after around 4 months.
Find all details in this overview.

➑️ Pre-registration is open - sign-up now and get ready for the program!#

Token Engineering 360#


Supported by Ethereum Foundation/Road to DevCon, 1kx, TE Commons, CryptoPlaza, and ConsenSys

In this series of sessions you’ll gain a 360-degree overview on Token Engineering and crypto-economic systems. We’ll discuss challenges and opportunities from many angles, based on writings of major thought leaders in the space: Vitalik Buterin, Trent McConaghy, Michael Zargham, Joel Monegro and others.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 5 sessions, 1 hour per week plus individual learning time
  • Meet other aspiring Token Engineers
  • Discuss and sharpen your understanding about:
    • The power of incentives
    • Building economic systems
    • Decentralization and permissionless systems
    • Governance as capital
    • Engineering Ethics

TE360 Around the Globe

  • With our local hosts around the globe
  • meet your local peers, in your native language
  • discuss cryptoeconomics and learn more about perpectives in India, Brazil, New Zealand/APAC and more!

Fees: free! No registration, no application required.
Start Date: Find all session dates, times and links in the overview below.
Take part: This program is open to anyone interested in Token Engineering. Learn more about local hubs and find out how to join each session at TE360 Global Overview.

➑️ Watch the recordings of past sessions at our YouTube Channel!

Want to become a Token Engineer? With this program, you can prepare yourself for studying TE Fundamentals. Learn more about the first comprehensive education and certification program in Token Engineering and sign up now!

Computational Social Choice and Crypto#


#DivingDeeper - Guest Lectures at TE Academy
Presented by TE Academy and SCRF – Smart Contract Research Forum

Social choice deals with designing and analysing algorithmic and game-theoretic principles that are applicable for making community decisions that respect the preferences of the community members. This includes tasks as varied as how to divide resources among agents, match agents to resources, and make joint decisions that are acceptable and beneficial to the community as a whole. Such algorithms are crucial in crypto both for network-level operations such as selecting a validator committee and reaching a voting-based consensus and governance-level operations such as changing a protocol or deciding on how to use a DAO treasury.

This series of lectures will provide a general overview of the field and present some of its classical theoretical results.

Our Guest: Assistant Professor Nimrod Talmon, PhD
Ben-Gurion University, Israel

Nimrod Talmon is a tenured assistant professor in Ben-Gurion University and a consultant for technological companies in the crypto sector. His main research is in the intersection of computational social choice, combinatorial optimization, and decentralized governance in the context of decentralized autonomous organizations. He is regularly publishing in venues such as AAAI, IJCAI, and AAMAS, and serving in the program committee of these conferences. He has an ErdΓΆs number 3, Sabbath number 7, and, arguably, Bacon number 6.

What you can expect:

  • Three sessions, 90 mins each
  • Additional reading materials
  • Meet and discuss with other aspiring Token Engineers
  • Discuss and sharpen your understanding about:
    • COMSOC general overview
    • Preference aggregation and voting systems
    • The governance scalability problem

Start Date:
Session 1: Thursday, June 23, 2022 - 3:00pm UTC (recording available)

Session 2:
πŸ“† Wednesday, September 14, 2022 – 08:00am UTC (10:00am Berlin time)
πŸ“ Full Node, Berlin – no ticket required, but seats are very limited, come early to secure your spot!
πŸ“Ί Join online

Format: online/live
Fees: free
Register: Please sign up via this form!

Requirements: This program is open to anyone interested in Token Engineering, DAO voting systems, and any form of selection and ranking systems.
No prior knowledge is required. However, students without a background in Game Theory, Economics, or Maths can expect a steep learning curve. But don’t panic; we’ll provide additional reading material.
We strongly recommend this program to students who have signed up for TE Fundamentals.

Want to become a Token Engineer? Learn more about the first comprehensive education and certification program in Token Engineering. Sign up now!

Token Engineering Hard Skills#


Presented by TE Academy and TE Commons

We invite all advanced Token Engineers for another TE Hard Skills event in April - meet cryptoeconomic researchers, dive into case studies or see presentations of tools and modelling approaches!

Our guests this time: Machinations

Founded in 2018, Machinations is a platform to design and predict game economies & systems for premium, free-to-play, and play-to-earn games. Machinations originated as a PhD research at the University of Amsterdam in 2012 by one of the co-founders.

It has since spread organically through more than 400 academic institutions across the planet. With an open community building in public and rolling out integrations with the most popular telemetry providers & markets, the platform is set to become the standard for game economy modeling, forecasting and optimisation.

What you can expect:
In this event, we’ll discuss application cases for in the Token Engineering sector.

Take part!
Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - 2:00 pm UTC
Format: online/live
Fees: free
➑️ Watch the recording

DAO Rewards Systems#

Rewards Systems Gathering

A Governauts #OpenScience initiative for TokenEngineers & DAOists in collaboration with OceanDAO, NearDAO, GnosisDAO, TECommons and Boson Protocol

The DAO Rewards Systems Research Initiative concluded on February 24,2022.
➑️ Watch the recording of the final presentations at our YouTube Channel!

The Governauts Rewards Systems Research Initiative is a 3-months program to explore incentives in a DAO context. Rewards Systems are a key element for DAOs to grow the ecosystem value, reward contributors, and grant decision-making power (governance tokens) to those who provide value to a DAO.

In this program, we'll explore different DAO cases, analyze data, design mechanism improvements and verify our assumptions with experiments in real-DAO environments.

Here's what you can expect:

  • get an in-depth introduction to various DAO rewards systems in production, and discuss with DAO stakeholders
  • learn to explore DAO data and verify our assumptions about DAO contributors
  • meet other Governauts and collaborate on new token-based compensation mechanisms
  • learn how to model rewards systems and apply your cadCAD skills!

This is a multidisciplinary program!Β We welcome co-researchers from many fields, like behavioral economics, (computational) psychology, sociology, game design, engineering, math, data analytics or computer science - and of course: DAOists!

Start:Β Tuesday, Nov 16, 2021
End: Thursday, Feb 24, 2022
Duration: 12 weeks
Skills: Data Analysis, Python, Math & Statistics, cadCAD, and/or tokenSPICE most welcome, but not mandatory
Format:Β online/live

➑️ Watch the recording of the final presentations at our YouTube Channel!

DAO Rewards Systems Assemblage#

A full day of talks, discussions and workshops on DAO Rewards Systems - presented by the Governauts, The DAOist and TE Academy!

The DAO Rewards Systems Assemblage took place on Dec 10, 2021.
➑️ Watch the recording of the event at our YouTube Channel!

Our agenda:

  • Defining Success and measuring value add in DAOs
  • The Challenge of Rewards Systems
  • Community Evolution
  • Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation
  • Information overload and steering activities
  • Ownership Rewards, power distribution and equal opportunitites
  • DAOs and UBI
    …plus case presentations and tools! The agenda with all talks and speakers is available here.

Our speakers:
@Owocki / GitcoinDAO
@Liviade / TECommons
@pet3rpan / MetaCartel
@keikreutler / Zodiac
@duartedao / TheDAOist
@fifthworldzach / Coordinape
...and many more!

➑️ Watch the recording:

OMNIPool Engineering and Simulations#

A collaboration of HydraDX, BlockScience and TE Academy**

➑️ The FINAL PRESENTATIONS of this program took place on Oct 28, 2021. Watch a recording at our YouTube Channel!

HydraDX is a cross-chain liquidity protocol managing all assets in one shared liquidity pool. It is powered by Substrate and designed to be interoperable with other networks, including Ethereum-based assets.

HydraDX is being built under a rigorous engineering process, collaborating with BlockScience, whose work includes the design and evaluation of economic and ecosystem models based on simulation and analysis. They bring deep expertise in Token Engineering R&D and have pioneered cadCAD - an open-source Python package that assists in the processes of designing, testing, and validating complex systems through simulation.

This research group aims to onboard aspiring token engineers to this development process. Together, we’ll create new insights, develop simulation infrastructure, and validate design choices β€” accessible and re-usable for the entire DeFi ecosystem.

What you can expect

  • start with an introduction to...
  • Hydra AMMs and the liquidity subsystem
  • the engineering process and system design
  • Generalized Dynamical Systems (state representation, actions, policies, and behaviors)
  • mathematical system specification and reference implementations
  • Parameter Selection under Uncertainty
  • choose your research question, and team up with co-researchers with complementary skills
  • use cadCAD and translate your research direction to simulation code step-by-step
  • get regular feedback and discuss your work with BlockScience mentors and HydraDX team

Start: Thursday, August 5, 2021
End: Thursday, October 28, 2021
Duration: 12 weeks
Time investment: min. 10 hours/week, 2-3 meetings per week

Skills: Python, cadCAD, solid understanding of AMMs
Background: Ideally, you have an educational background in finance, economics, math, engineering, machine learning, or computer science. Additionally, we are open to participants from other disciplines, in particular social sciences.

Format: online/live
Fee: free
Number of participants: max. 25

Registration: The program concluded in October 2022 - our session recordings are publicly available here.