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Token Engineering

Because tokens don't engineer themselves!

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Complex Systems Engineering

Our focus is to design and build data-driven decision systems for new and legacy businesses leveraging engineering methodologies and academic-grade tools.

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Complex Systems Modeling Toolkit

An open-source Python package that assists in the processes of designing, testing and validating complex systems through simulation.

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TE Academy

Token Engineering Academy

The TokenEngineering Academy (TE Academy) offers educational programs and #OpenScience collaboration in this new, emerging field. Our courses are free and accessible for participants from all around the globe.

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Longtail Financial

Longtail Financial

Elevate your Impact with Token Engineering. We design, model, and verify complex tokenomic systems proven to boost your funding and activate your community.

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Commons Stack

Realigning incentives around public goods

A design and engineering group creating systems that incentivize the creation and maintenance of public goods.

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EVM Agent-Based Token Simulator

TokenSPICE simulates tokenized ecosystems via an agent-based approach, with EVM in-the-loop.

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Ocean Protocol

A New Data Economy

Ocean Protocol is kickstarting a Data Economy by breaking down data silos and equalizing access to data for all.

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Token Engineering Global Gathering

TEGG is the global gathering of cryptoeconomic researchers and practitioners. Our aim is to establish a body of theory, practice, tools and a sense of responsibility for building successful and sustainable blockchain token economies.

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cadCAD Edu

cadCAD Online Education

Our mission is to grow the adoption of cadCAD as the leading open-source Web 3 modeling tool by creating beginner-friendly online courses.

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WU Vienna

A research institute for crypto-economics

Tokens can develop into the β€œkiller applications” of blockchain, but these applications are still at an early stage. We are developing a taxonomy for tokens - from a business, technological and legal point of view. as well as modeling, forecasting and evaluation tools.

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A tool for communities to measure and reward value creation

SourceCred allows communities to create and curate contribution networks. These networks represent how contributions are connected to other contributions, to members of the community, and to the community’s values.

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Recognize and reward community contributions

A framework to help communities measure, recognize, and reward value creation. AraCred intends to empower communities to collaborate in a way that is positive-sum.

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A MMORPG for real life

MetaGame is an open-source framework for autonomous humans and decentralized organizations, to coordinate in creation and exchange of value with the least friction and most fun possible.

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Building the Future of Giving

We are a community focused on making the world a better place through the use of blockchain technology.We created the Giveth Galaxy to foster a larger network of organizations that will help us Build the Future of Giving we envision.

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Grassroots Economics

Creating sustainable community currencies

Through community currencies people have a way to exchange goods and services and incubate new businesses.

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Exploring novel ways to create, organize, and grow communities

1Hive is a community of builders driven by a desire to improve how humans collaborate online. We are explorers and pioneers blazing a trail towards a future of work which is more global, open, transparent, and fair.

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Curve Labs

Architecting distributed solutions for the future economy

Curve Labs is a team of design interventionists who research and implement tokeneconomic building blocks to create proofs of concept.

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Everyone will have access to < free > electricity

A multi-dimensional & multi-disciplinary research collective of autonomous peers, forming a novel type of organization connected through purpose and the internet