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There are many ways for contributing, learning and building your own track record in Token Engineering!

Our community channels:

  • Token Engineering Telegram - πŸ’¬ Say hi to the Token Engineering community and talk about all the things.
  • Token Engineering Discord - πŸ’¬ Also a place to say hi to the Token Engineering community, but with more structured channels for various topics related to token engineering.
  • Token Engineering Twitter - πŸ’¬ Daily updates from the token universe
  • cadCAD Community Forum - πŸ–₯️ A community of researchers learning & building on the open source simulation & modeling tool that is the foundation of open token engineering.

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TE Newsletter
Currently, we’re distributing TE news via our Twitter channel @tokenengineering. In the future we’d love to establish a (monthly?/weekly?) newsletter with selected picks on all things tokens.
Are you interested in being the voice of Token Engineering, providing the best reads for our members? English native speakers and some newsletter experience welcome. DM us @tokenengineering!

TE Meetups Switzerland
Personal growth opportunity for Swiss Token Engineers (non Swiss also no problem but many Swiss speakers appreciate a phonetically correct "Gruezi"; it takes 6 months to imitate well) : @MoritzKaminski and I are growing the Token Engineering Switzerland team and are looking for 1-2 motivated people to help us run the Chapter events. Benefits: You get to grow a stellar professional network, can shape memorable events, and we always have free booze handy. Contact @gablerjonathan or @MoritzKaminski.

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TokenEngineering website:

TokenEngineering Reviews:
TokenEngineering Reviews assess token concepts, white papers and economic mechanisms and provide feedback from a cryptoeconomic point of view. Currently we are developing the framework to conduct reviews.
If you have an economic, finance or engineering background, join us at Token Engineering Discord and or drop us a line @akrtws.

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